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Fertility Injections

Elite Concierge Nurses will provide safe and timely injections daily or as needed. Convenient and affordable payment options available. Schedule a free consultation to discuss the best options for you.


Pre-Surgery Coaching

Elite Concierge Nurses will assist you with preparation for your upcoming procedure by attending pre-surgery doctor’s visits; providing pre-surgery education; and performing pre-surgery home readiness assessments

Meal Prep

We will assist with light meal prep according to dietary requirements suitable for your procedure, to help give you the rest you need and give your body the nutrients required to speed up recovery

After Surgery Care

Our concierge nurses will stay with you after your surgery to ensure your optimal recovery. Choose from our post surgery care package plans or we can customize a perfect package that suits your needs

Care Coordination

Our team of nurses will coordinate care with your doctors and specialists, both prior to and after your surgical procedure


We can take transport you to/from your surgical procedure; and to/from any office visit

Education & Training

Elite Concierge Nurses will equip you with the knowledge you need to feel empowered about your medical treatment and recovery. From information about your medication regimen and the healing process, to self-administation of injections, we’ll guide you each step of the way.


Patient Advocacy

Our nurses will help you navigate your medical care by attending your appointments with you, seek answers to your questions, and help to interpret confusing medical jargon so that you can have peace of mind


Are you or a loved one preparing to have surgery? Do you often feel confused after a doctor’s visit? Not to worry, Elite Concierge Nurses are here for you! We offer a broad ranges of services to meet your needs. From pre-surgery coaching/education to transportation after surgery to help with managing prescriptions, you’re in good hands.

Tuck Me In

3 hrs


  • Meet you at the surgery facility to help you with the discharge process
  • Provide transportation to your recovering location
  • Pick up medications for you
  • Make sure you are tucked in and comfortable

Tuck Me In Plus

6 hrs


  • All services included in Tuck Me In Package plus
  • Assist with ambulating / activities
  • Ensure medications are taken correctly
  • Run small errands

Extended Comfy Care

12 hrs


  • All services included in Tuck Me In Plus Package plus
  • Light meal preparation
  • Pain management

Ultimate Comfy Care

24 hrs


  • All services included in Extended Comfy Care Package plus
  • Around-the-clock meal preparation
  • Coordination of care

No insurance accepted. Major credit/debit cards only. Contact us for payment plan options.