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Elite Concierge Nurses

Exclusive Surgical Care & Self-Injection Support

Elite Concierge Nurses will help you navigate the details of your surgical procedure so you can focus on stress-free healing. We provide full spectrum support that begins with your first office visit and continues throughout your recovery. Whether your needs include transportation, light meal prep, or specialized nursing care, our nurses are there so you don’t have to do it alone.

Elite Concierge Nurses provides convenient in-home injection services and support for clients undergoing fertility treatments as well as those in early pregnancy being supported by injectable medications.

Our nurses help you to manage the logistics of your procedure so that you can focus on healing and recovery

We know that your privacy is important for you so discretion is provided throughout your entire experience

We will provide the perfect nurse for your particular needs.  Our concierge services can be customized so that every client’s unique needs are met

Alone or with family,  Elite Concierge Nurses will care for you and your family with the utmost empathy and kindness


You can rest assured our nurses will personalize support and servcies throughout each stage of your surgical course or procedure

We offer these concierge nursing services in the comfort of your home or hotel:



Adult Care


Monitoring for allergic reactions


Making sure you are following your surgeon's discharge instructions properly


Making sure medications are taken as prescribed


Helping with ambulation


Checking wounds, dressings, and drains


Providing pre and/or post-surgical education for you and your family


Staying in contact with your doctor for any questions or concerns


Hormonal and fertility injections


1 on 1 medication and injection teaching


Tuck Me In

3 Hours

Transportation and recovery care immediately following your surgical procedure

Tuck Me In Plus

6 Hours

Transportation and recovery care plus assistance with small errands and tasks to ensure your comfort following your surgical procedure

Extended Comfy Care

12 Hours

Transportation and recovery care plus light meal prep and pain management therapies to ease your discomfort and speed up recovery

Ultimate Comfy Care

24 Hours

Around the clock care for peace of mind following your surgical procedure

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What People Are Saying

Kimble is the best! She met me at the hospital and didn’t leave my side until I was taken back for my orthopedic surgery. She answered all the questions I had.  After surgery, she even took me home, helped me up the stairs, and got me settled in my bed.  She made sure I had all my prescriptions and wrote down when I was to take them for my mom.  That was pretty awesome! It was like having my own personal assistant who was a nurse.

Stacy H.

I had an extensive surgery that required an overnight stay to which I had the privilege of having Kimble Walters as my nurse.  During the night I became very weak and lethargic.  Luckily, due to Kimble’s extensive nursing knowledge she recognized very quickly that I was in need of a blood transfusion and she took immediate action.  I’m so very thankful for Kimble’s expertise and compassion.  The care I received from her was world class. I would be proud and trust her to take care of any of my family.

Keri R.

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